Highest Quality Standards for Bison Meat

Quality Each Step of the Way

Frontier Bison are raised and produced with highest emphasis placed on the welfare of the animal. The bison spend the majority of their lives in their natural habitat, where they have the freedom and space to roam and graze as they want. We work with local producers, which provides for the shortest trucking distances when the bison go to slaughter. Short trucking distances and local production minimizes the stress experienced by the animals, and ultimately, increases the quality of the final product. Of course, Frontier Bison are free of any antibiotics, growth promotants and all animal by-products.

Animal Welfare 

All our Bison are processed under the scrutiny of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) which monitors production, protocol and procedure. This guarantees that our customers receive the world’s highest quality Bison with great tenderness, delicious flavor and improved texture.  Frontier Bison is USDA certified and EU eligible under the CETA duty rates.