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Quality, Guaranteed – A Canadian Bison Advantage 

Quality, Guaranteed – A Canadian Bison Advantage 

What distinguishes Canadian Bison from other global suppliers? Top of the list is our unique grading system that factors in many important quality criteria for domestic and global customers. Our grading system screens for quality characteristics beyond those in other systems, resulting in a more consistent product. Only carcasses with bright red meat colour can qualify for the Canadian A grades. Our internationally respected food safety system begins at the grass roots with on-farm HACCP programs, a feed safety system and animal disease surveillance system monitored by the CFIA. Canada is also the first country in North America to establish a National Animal Identification System which enhances animal health control through its trace-back capabilities.

Protein in a League of its own...


Skilled Chefs know that premium products require a high level of integrity, taste, and quality. Frontier Bison, is dedicated to creating an exceptionally pure, lean red meat that blends flavour, tenderness and a powerhouse of nutrition in every bite. All these attributes make Frontier Bison a mouthwatering red meat for a healthier lifestyle.

Tasting is Believing...